I Got A Boy – SNSD lyrics

I Got a Boy - SNSD lyrics

I Got a Boy – SNSD lyrics

Ayo! GG!
Yeah Yeah shijakhae bolkka?

Omo! Yaejom bwara yae
Museun iri isseot gillae meoril jallat dae? Uh?
Omo! Tto yaejom borago!
Meori buteo balkkeut kkaji seutaili bakkwo eosseo



Kiko Machine

When I was in college, I used to go to the library not to study my subjects but to read Kiko Machine on the newspaper. This made my day.

Here’s an example I’m sure you’ll like.

And this is one of my favorites.

Fun! Fun! Fun! ;D

Fun and Good Reads for Teens

This books series remind me of my high school memories. Its a story that every girl teen can relate.

And because of this book, Cathy Hopkins had become one of my favorite authors.